Apparently, you have to bring your own crutches

Hi guys!

So my husband had surgery to repair his torn Achilles tendon last Friday. Right before they wheeled him in, I said, “Uh, we don’t have crutches.” They assured me they’d get him out to the car after surgery. At which point I had to cop to the fact that I had assumed free crutches were part of the tendon repair service. “You don’t have crutches in the car?” they asked, in the same tone one might ask if someone didn’t like chocolate. Or wine. Or kitten snuggling.

Anyway. NOPE, no crutches. No scooter. No nothing.

So while my beloved was under the knife, I raced out of the ambulatory surgery facility to rent a knee scooter and get crutches, a task I accomplished in 37 minutes flat because I didn’t want to be the wife who was MIA when the doctor wanted to tell her how the surgery went. It went great, by the way. A few fibers of tendon hanging on made the repair very “routine.” So yay!

Anyway, that whole “You don’t have crutches?” moment got me thinking because it’s not the first time I’ve learned this lesson: BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE. Make the calls. Ask the questions. Get yourself ready. Don’t wait for the information to be delivered to you mama-bird style. It’s so strange. It’s like some sort of paralysis comes over me when I think someone knows more about how something works than I do. Doctors, editors, publishers, bosses of all sorts, hair stylists, it’s nuts. They are the “professionals” so I think they know more about my body, my story, my hair, my everything than I do. And just to really drive my fatal flaw home, another time I thought a medical professional knew more than I did, I walked around hemorrhaging for six weeks after childbirth. Yeah. That. Still shaking my head over that one.

You know what else? When I tutored SAT prep to already over-scheduled teenagers who needed more homework like they needed a throat punch, I tried to inspire them by saying, “You want it? You gotta go get it.” That pretty much applies to SAT/ACT scores and everything else in life, including finishing books. YOU know what you need. YOU can make it happen better than anyone. Your new comfort zone? It’s waiting right over there.

Go get it.

Last week, I had the power to make a phone call, get some crutch info, and calmly sit in the waiting room reading a book during Ben’s surgery…and I gave that power away because I waited for somebody to tell me what to do. I’m being hard on myself. I always am. But it’s true. I gave power away when it would have been easier to keep it. To be power-FULL.

Something to think about for next time.



PS: For anyone who needs to keep weight off a foot, I HIGHLY recommend the knee scooter. $75-ish a month! Mostly covered by my insurance ! Fascinating to cats!


INTO THE FIRE is free today!

ItF_300Hey, everybody! The first book in my Hot Night series is free today, and I hope you’ll grab it, if you haven’t read it already. If you have read it, please tell your friends that a super-steamy, enemies to lovers e-romance with great snacks is available on all US platforms for the bargain price of zipperoo! I really love that book. Links found here!

What else is going on? I went home to visit my family in Cincinnati. My parents are aging, and it’s both amazing and difficult to watch them care for each other. My kids traveled with me because seeing them delights my parents, and my husband stayed home to work and feed the cats. LOL. Last time, I stayed home, and HE took them to Cinci. We can get more visits in that way!

And…CAKE! I didn’t design either of these, my very creative boss did, and aren’t they summery and CUTE?!

IMG_4127 2

I love them.

And now I’m off to the bakery! Enjoy your day!





Dark Awakening April 2019


It’s been a while! Since December! How can that BE?! Hello, hello, hello. I hope you are well. 🙂

This working full-time thing ain’t no joke, and it wears me out. But I’ve been getting up EARLY to write before work. Every day, although lately I’ve been sidetracked by redesigning my website. It felt stale. And dated. And I wanted one that was scroll-y. Stop by and tell me what you think, if you have a chance. I’m not paying anyone to design it, and my technical skills are about average, but I’m pleased.

The getting up early has been good. Dark Awakening is mostly finished, and it has a lovely cover! My plan WAS to write the next book and then publish them together (or very close) because the end of the book is definitely sequel bait, and I don’t want angry readers. But then I started writing the sequel. And I stalled. The stall is part of my process, but I got to thinking about how long it took me to write Dark Awakening (and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until I was happy with it). I remembered that I’m doing this for fun. I started wondering how long it will REALLY take me to finish Book Two. Then I decided to release Dark Awakening during my birth month, April. Because I love the book, and I love my birthday, and what could be better than that?!

I’ll probably rewrite the blurb to be first person and more fun, but here’s the gist:

Zoe Draden was perfectly happy using her secret talent to grow vegetables for her family’s café. But when her brother is kidnapped by the entity responsible for their unique abilities, she’s forced to trust a dangerous and tempting man who scares her more than their mutual enemy.

Jake Fallon has one goal: protect the Talents. His ability to control minds made that an easy task until Genecorp began hunting them. Now Talents are dying, and the only person who can help is a constant threat to his crucial self-control.

Zoe doesn’t remember what happened when she met Jake, but she’s beginning to suspect he’s keeping a secret. So is she. There’s more to her Talent than meets the eye. In fact, she may be the key to their survival. But she’s got her work cut out for her convincing control-freak Jake he needs her help, especially when they discover the greatest threat lies within…

And YOU are the first to know!

The Hanukkats and other delights

Our new holiday cake at the Transit Wegmans: alternating layers of white and chocolate cake with cran-raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream, chocolate glaze, sugared berries and pistachios.

Hi! I’ve been working. Shocking, I know. Holiday time in a bakery is freaking nuts, and this is my first year as a full-timer and a coordinator so I’m busting my butt trying to make sure we have all the things, do all the things, and make ALL THE THINGS. It’s going pretty well. At least, Thanksgiving went well, pie-wise, but we are in a seriously weak cut-out cookie position, so I’m …sure it will be FINE.

I finished the book beast. It’s with a few readers right now, and I’m hoping they’ll return it with accolades and amazement, but I know the ending needs some love and that the world I’ve built is complicated, so they may well be searching for the most tactful way to say, “WTF, AMANDA. This is what you’ve been working on for TWO YEARS?” It has a gorgeous cover, which I will share soon, but first I want to tell you about the most wonderful thing.

We got kittens.

And now I am a cat-crazy lady. And I have cat-crazy children. I don’t know what we did without them, because now we all spend most of our time following them around the house, watching them play, petting them, feeding them, and waking them up to play with them some more. First we got Dobby, because two cats seemed excessive, but we couldn’t stop thinking about his brother…who we are now “fostering” (LOL. He’s ours.) and we named him Sock, of course. Because every Dobby needs a Sock.

They’re difficult to tell apart, but Dobby has stripes and Sock has spots, mostly. They get along with the dog. They sleep with the kids. They haven’t destroyed anything…yet. I love them. So much more than I expected! I always had cats growing up, always two at a time, Peepers even had kittens in my bedroom, but I forgot how much I enjoy them. (Probably because Ben and I rescued a feral cat when we lived in New Orleans. But we didn’t know he was feral. And we named him Bill. Bill the Cat. I’m sure that didn’t help. He would let us pet him for just long enough to secure a position in which to latch on to an arm or leg and bite and scratch the crap out of us. He also climbed my wedding dress in the closet. After the wedding, thank goodness!) Anyway, now we have cats, and our house is filled with cheer!

I hope your holidays are warm, happy, and filled with all the things that bring comfort and joy to you and yours, now, in the new year, and always.

And now I’m going to feed kid number 3, (1 and 2 have already been fed, lunched, and kissed out the door) and get ready for work. Holiday desserts don’t make themselves, thank goodness! #jobsecurity

Happy holidays, my friends!

Oh, life is bigger

Chocolate cake filled with raspberry filling and pistachio buttercream. Sometimes I get to make new cakes at my new job!

Hi! I can’t believe it’s September, more than mid-September, and I haven’t blogged since May. WOWOWOW. My life kind of exploded in a good way, and although I’ve had so much to say and share, I keep falling asleep. When we put both our daughters in braces the same month, it became clear that we needed more money and better insurance. So I applied for full-time at the Wegmans bakery. Wegmans offered me a job as a bakery coordinator–yes, please!–so I got transferred to a new store and started on Memorial Day.


I liked this cake (white with apple pie filling and cinnamon buttercream) but…


It turned into this one, which my savvy managers think will sell better! It is also white cake, apple pie filling, and cinnamon buttercream, but we added a cinnamon glaze, caramel drizzle, and dried apple chips. We are going to call it “Apple-y Ever After! Of course!

I love the job and my new people, but starting any new job is rough. Last Saturday was the first Saturday I’ve had off since May. I’ve had to be more organized than EVER just to keep life rolling. I’m happy to say I haven’t lost touch with the book I’m writing, but it’s going sloooooowly. Slow is fine. Life is good. I’m tired. 

I’m also co-teaching a class two nights a week, which MAY have been a poor life decision because I literally have to explain to everyone dealing with me why I am a hot mess who can’t stop yawning and takes three full blinks to answer yes or no questions.

Work. Eat. Sleep. Write. Text. Write everything down. Yoga. Kiss the kids. Love the husband. Shower. (Don’t forget to shower.)

A new normal is emerging.

Happy September! I’m back! 🙂

bottoms-up-webOH! I’m making BOTTOMS UP free for a little bit, Amazon only. I’m experimenting with marketing on KDP Select. I suck at marketing! LOL. The new job threw a kink in my plan to improve my business skill set. I figured it couldn’t hurt. So if you haven’t read it, and you want to take a walk on the wild side, grab it and have a good time. 😉


A Promise of Fire

The sun is out today, and I might not need a sweatshirt…maybe. It’s been a chilly spring. Brrrrrrr!

Anyway, here’s what’s on my mind today: a writer friend posted on FB about how she’s DNFing (DNF=did not finish) a ton of books lately. I’m in the same boat. Discoverability is really hard for readers AND writers right now. I desperately want good books to read, but I don’t know where to find them. I want readers to find MY books (which I think are very good, OF COURSE), but I don’t know how to make them get discovered other than by spending a ton of money on promotion that likely won’t work. (This is why I have a day job! I love my day job.)

It seems like the best way to make money writing is to publish a lot of books so that you always have something new to talk about on social media. However, fast books are often like fast food for me. They hit the spot, but I hate myself for reading them. For example, I just read a book by a popular and edgy NYT bestselling author. The writing was great. The voice and heroine were engaging, but the plot was THIN, people. The conflict existed only in the most basic sense: past relationships made them wary. At the end, the hero and heroine decided the problems keeping them apart weren’t really problems at all.


Yes, I felt sick. And I wanted to post a review pointing out that although compromise is a good way to solve problems, the change has to actually be CHANGE, not just changing your mind. Anyway, it felt rushed, and I was annoyed. A good editor should point out all that stuff, so the author can beef it up. The book was almost good, but now I probably won’t pick up another one by that author. So now what do I read?

Honestly, I’ve been visiting my beautiful bookshelf and re-reading books I love. I’m awaiting WHITE HOT by Ilona Andrews and HEART ON FIRE, the third book in the Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet. Have you discovered Amanda Bouchet? If not, let me introduce you. I was on FB and a friend recommended her first book, A Promise of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles). Because personal recommendations are one sure-fire way to find good books, I got it out of the library. I LOVED it, bought it on Amazon and pre-ordered the second book, Breath of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles) which I think was coming out a YEAR after the first (YAY! A slow book! And double yay because by the time I read Book 1, I only had to wait a few months for BREATH OF FIRE, Book 2). And now I’m waiting for Book 3, Heart on Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles). Another year, but January 2nd will be aaaaaaawesome!

So A PROMISE OF FIRE starts in a medieval-like times traveling circus where the performers have magic powers. Holy crap, what a great premise. As it turns out, the heroine has super-crazy jacked-up power and she’s HIDING from very mysterious bad people. She displays her power in front of a dangerous, sexy dude who throws her on his horse and takes off with her, and she spends the next good bit of the book physically TIED to him, so she won’t run away. The world building is awesome, the sexual tension is crazy. (Full disclosure, IMHO they should have gotten a lot busier, a lot faster, but I’m kind of book slutty that way.) There’s a huge mystery going on about her family (oh, I love that family shit) and her powers, and although it doesn’t get resolved in the first book, I did NOT feel cheated. The hook for Book 2 was baited in a non-annoying way. And the hook for Book 3 is AH-MAZING. I cannot wait.

And in the middle of all this book love, I did what I sometimes do when I find an author I LOVE: I wrote a fan letter. Bouchet’s book seemed to be doing really well. It had good enough buzz that people were personally recommending it on FB. And she writes for Sourcebooks Casa (who published my books SCRUMPTIOUS and LUSCIOUS). I wanted to reach out and say, “Great job! You are rocking your debut!” As a former debut author, I know how it feels to start this whole gig with high hopes, and I wanted to express my appreciation for everything she was doing to bring great books into the world.


She wrote me back, and I soon discovered she was as lovely and magical as her books. It’s the crunchy nuts on top of the turtle sundae when authors are personally awesome! So I asked her to say a little something about her books that I could share with all of you on my blog. Something inspiring. Or something about her inspiration. Because we all need that. We do. Here’s what the uber-talented Amanda Bouchet wanted to say to YOU:

Cat, the heroine in A Promise of Fire, is the real inspiration behind the novel and what ended up turning into The Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy. A feisty, dark-haired woman with magic to die (and kill) for was all I really had in mind when I started writing. I couldn’t get this character out of my head—spirited, snarky, powerful, but also damaged and with layers and layers of hidden doubts and fears. Cat herself and the opening circus scene, where her friends are performing with all sorts of spectacular magical talents, were so vivid in my head that I had to write something down. I had no idea where I was going with it when I started writing, but I knew there was a story there. In fact, I abandoned a paranormal romance I’d been working on for more than two years because Cat was so insistent that I tell her story instead!

And I, personally, am so glad she did. I highly recommend you buy all of her books and have yourself a wonderful time. Here’s a link to the series: The Kingmaker Chronicles (3 Book Series).

SO HOW DO YOU DISCOVER BOOKS? WHAT IS YOUR LATEST, GREATEST FIND? Please, for the love of all the book loving souls looking for great reads, share your wily methods and favorite discoveries! 🙂

My latest LOVE! (Planners, Personalities, and BIG ideas)

Hi there!

When I think about writing a new blog, there’s always this little person in the back of my mind (It’s not just a voice. It’s a whole person, rolling her eyes.) telling me no one cares about that topic. So I go on with my life without writing the blog because my life is crazy busy and super interesting (even if only to me). Of course, there’s another person (This one has her hands on her hips and is sighing and shaking her head SO SADLY.) who thinks I should blog at LEAST twice a week to build my author brand so I don’t disappear while I’m writing this monster of a book that eats my heart every day. So I go on with my life without writing the blog because that person is nuts and there are too many good books to read to spend that much time writing.

But I like to SHARE, so when I have something I think you guys might love, I blog.

So…one great thing that has made my life love-lier IS:

My Me & My Big Ideas planner. No. Really.

I’m not a planner. I’m not. (I wasn’t.) I’m not crafty. At. All. And I couldn’t understand why all my author friends were talking about stickers and posting pictures of their planners. It seemed so silly. My author friends are smart. And have super busy lives, and…stickers? Whaaaaaaat?

But then (in January) I somehow came across a Me & My Big Ideas Planner on the internet, and people, they have videos of each planner, so you can look through them and see all the inspiring quotes. Inspiring quotes are something I can really get behind. Because WORDS! My particular favorite in this planner is “No grit. No pearl.” But I also like the one about balance. Of course.

I really want to finish this book.

So I got to thinking, “What if I got a cool planner and put all the stuff I usually write on post-it notes each DAY, and kept track of my life in ONE place? And then what if I figured out a reasonable way to really focus and prioritize and delight in my writing projects with the whole YEAR in sight and not just one DAY scribbled on a post-it that ends up mashed and lost in a pocket somewhere? What if? What if I were somehow ACCOUNTABLE?”

The eye-roller told me I’ve bought planners before and I will waste money AND fail.

HOWEVER, I’m bigger than the eye-roller, and I’ve learned a little something about my personality type, thanks to that little trip to Palm Springs with my high school BFF last year. (Thanks, Erin!) I’m an obliger. Which means I find it easy to keep promises to others…but not to myself. (Find YOUR personality type here! There’s an article and a video with links to Gretchen Rubin’s site where you can take a quiz. See if it helps you reach your GOALS. It’s given me a lot to think about this year.)

So I found a way to make this planner thing work for my obliging self…by dragging my friend Jessica Topper into it. She’s not a planner, either, and frankly, she’s a little stuck on her book, like me. She said no, because non-planner people are resistant. But I was enthusiastic, and eventually she was as seduced and intoxicated by the idea of making things happen as I was. Plus, I made it an early birthday present, so she had nothing to lose. LOL. (See, there’s persuasion and then there’s bullying. I’m an Aries. It’s a fine line. But so is she, so it’s all good. I got her the same one I got myself because you should give other people things you want for yourself, right?) We decided to meet on convenient Sundays and plan/dream/brainstorm and keep our big ideas present in our lives instead of hidden on post-it notes jammed in forgotten pockets.

And I think it’s working! I have a long running list of things I check off or transfer from week to week. I write down the appointments and work things that usually hover in the back of my mind making me uncomfortable and I get them done. On the creative side, I can’t avoid the fact that I want to get the book done because there are all these cute little stickers cheering me on. It’s so easy for me to prioritize the work and family goals and ignore my creative goals (because they’re only important to me). Planning is helping me do ALL the things, and meeting my creative goals is DELIGHTING me, and talking to Jess makes the things HAPPEN. Don’t tell anyone, (especially the eye-roller) but I’ve planned to finish the monster book THIS MONTH.)

It’s Jess’s birthday today and mine on Saturday, so we are celebrating, planning, writing, having lunch, and going to yoga. Banner day! So happy birthday to us and to all the other April babies out there! Do you use a planner? Does it make you HAPPY? Which one?

HOTtest thing ON ICE!

Hi everybody!

It’s spring! It’s spring! My yard is dappled with melting snow and shingles that blew off in the windstorm that happened right before the heavens opened up and dumped two feet of snow on us, but it’s spring!

And that means HOCKEY! Actually, I have no idea when people play hockey, but it’s probably the fall. That seems to be when they jack the parking lot prices up downtown when I’m teaching and make me beg for a discount because I’m a poor professor.

However, HOT ON ICE, an anthology of 18 hot hockey romances is out today! I considered taking part in this anthology for a hot half-second when these super-cool women asked me to join them, but I don’t sports. Like, at all. I have never, in this life of mine, taken time to understand the rules. But I’ve loved sports romance ever since Jaci Burton’s series with all those shirtless athletes. Molly O’Keefe had some great hockey players, too. I love the adrenaline, the alpha, and the sweat, but I am perfectly content not to write about it. Let’s leave that to people who love it — the authors of HOT ON ICE.

Hot on Ice: A Hockey Romance Anthology .99 cents. Hot hockey heroes. Some of my favorite authors AND people. I actually pre-ordered this one, folks, and I never do that. If sports romance is your thing, go get it!

And here’s the link to the Facebook Party going on all day. I’ll be there! If you have never taken part in one of these things, check it out. Authors give away tons of books and stuff. I’m giving away the bowl scrapers I ordered for Wild Wicked Weekend swag bags. (Yes, I know I promised you a re-cap of the weekend, but, as it turns out, what happens at the dungeon stays in the dungeon. Vegas rules, apparently, and I signed something to that effect. However, I’m not sure that applies to MY experience. I am the confessional sort, however, my mom reads this blog! LOL. Another day for that post!)

In order to win at the HOT ON ICE Party, you have to join the party. Like, actually click “join” or “going” or whatever on the party page. That way they can find you and tell you what you scored.

Another reason to buy the book: part of the proceeds are going to Homes for our Troops, a charity that builds specially modified homes for injured veterans. I’d love these hardworking women to make a big splash with their book, so even if hockey ain’t your thing or you hate FB parties, would you mind sharing the HOT ON ICE news with some of your sports-minded reader friends? I’d appreciate it! FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever you got. (As an aside, whenever the topic comes up, my Instagram-addicted teen tells me FB is for moms. Bwahahaha! I am that mom, and I’ll be in and out of the Hot On Ice FB party all day.)

Happy spring, my friends! Here’s hoping it grabs a hockey stick and beats winter’s chilly butt into the ground.



Free Book for Wild Wicked Weekend!

Download for FREE from iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

Whew! I made it through another five weeks of teaching four nights a week while working weekends and sometimes during the week day at Wegmans. I had many moments of “I’m too old for this.” However, on the whole, I got enough sleep, I remembered to pack meals, I stayed hydrated, and I even managed to make significant progress figuring out how to finish the book. (Sometimes it’s complicated to be a person who writes by the seat of her yoga pants. It got MORE complicated when I decided I wanted this book to follow a hero’s journey and that I wanted to outline the second half BEFORE I wrote it.)

ONWARD! The next big thing on my list is attending Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio with my friend Jennifer Kacey and her mom. I usually attend craft-based conferences because I’m a craft junkie, and there are few things I love more than listening to a writer talk about process. However, this is a just-for-fun con. I’m not signing or presenting a workshop, I’m just going to talk about sexy books with like-minded readers and writers, drink margaritas, respectfully admire the physiques of the cover models who help sponsor the weekend and…perhaps visit a dungeon. 🙂

Basically, I’m going to go play with my kinky friends!

fullsizerender-3Of course, in order to justify spending the money (and writing it off on my taxes), I had to have SOME sort of presence. So I made swag. I sent bowl scrapers for the swag bags that will be given to all attendees, and I made postcards for the paper-swag table. But that’s not all… I worked some indie magic and made BOTTOMS UP free! You can download it from iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. So if you’ve been wondering what a series centered around a sex toy boutique called Come Again might be like, please consider this my personal invitation to visit. I hope you’ll want to stay and explore the other books in the series!

I’ll see you guys on the other side of my Wild Wicked Weekend! I plan to “kiss” and tell y’all everything, especially if I have to change the names to protect the not-so-innocent! 🙂

She Doesn’t Doubt Herself

I have a friend with serious health problems. Not only does she have lupus, she has just about every intersecting disease you can possibly have when your immune system has gone rogue and decided to destroy your home planet. AND before she got her official diagnosis, she was dicked around by doctors for YEARS. One of them even tried to tell her it was all in her head and get her to take antidepressants. Like THAT would make it all go away.

Now my friend is one seriously smart cookie. She did the research. She diagnosed herself. She suggested which tests would help narrow down the causes of all her symptoms, and she pointed out all the intersecting diseases associated with lupus. And they patted her on the head and told her she was wrong. Probably.

However, after repeated and painful testing, she proved herself right. Unfortunately. Sort of. (It’s good to FINALLY have a diagnosis to work with.)

Imagine feeling like crap all of the time. Having no energy. Having random parts of your body go numb. Not being able to eat because your stomach shrieks every time you put food in it. Having a migraine for weeks at a time. Being disoriented. Dizzy. Breaking out in rashes. Hurting EVERY TIME YOU MOVE.

Can you imagine? I honestly can’t. I’d be a mess.

My friend is also gorgeous, so I put her on the cover of Bottoms Up! It totally delighted me to have that power. If you would like to learn more about her lupus struggles, here’s a link to her blog on the subject. If you like kinky romance, I recommend her books. She possesses an exquisitely dirty mind. 🙂

But my friend refuses to let her spirit be conquered by her body. She has published several books in the last 17 months (during a lupus flare that just won’t let go). She has started two new businesses, adding to the three she already runs. She’s a mom. She dresses like a real person and goes to work. She’s seen more movies than I have this year. She does ALL THE THINGS. She’s told me that if she has to feel like shit all the time, she’s determined to feel like shit while doing the things she wants to do. She isn’t going to let her health stop her more than absolutely necessary.

As I was driving my middle kid to her early jazz band practice this morning, I pondered where and how and what makes my friend able to keep going and doing and ass kicking while her body is shutting down. And yes, I compared myself to her because I haven’t published anything new (except the re-releases of the Come Again series) in the last 17 months. It came to me – instantly. The same epiphany I always have. No blinding burst of like, exactly, but enough illumination to make me want to share it with you.

My friend doesn’t doubt herself. Not even when DOCTORS disagree with her. She perseveres. She finds new doctors. She keeps writing and publishing what she wants, where she wants, when she wants. She doesn’t question every idea, sentence, chapter. She creates and keeps creating and doesn’t waste energy telling herself she’s wrong.

I question EVERYTHING. I wear myself out. Unnecessarily, so unnecessarily. It’s hard to stop doubting when doubt is hardwired, but it isn’t impossible. It’s a worthy practice.

(I must come to this realization every year because I wrote this: Vulnerability equals connection: on joy, pastries, passion, and not being a spirit crusher last year at about this time. And probably something similar the year before that. Consistency, for the win!)

Doubt sucks. I’d finally get this book finished if I stopped doubting myself. I’d do all kinds of other epic things. I know it.

I also wouldn’t be me, so there’s that. I can’t flip a switch and become a sunny optimist, but I can be inspired by the example my friends sets. I might never know what it is like not to doubt myself, but I DO know what it is like to continue creating despite all my inner fears. THAT I can do.

My mind opened up a little bit this morning. I felt inspired. Ready to kick a little ass myself. So I wanted to share my old/new groundbreaking, ass kicking burst of hell yes, you can, forge ahead, and use your doubts to fuel your life’s work.

You’re going to do it anyway. Do it without doubt. Go all Nike on yourself for a minute. For as many minutes as you can.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject of self-doubt and creativity? I am endlessly fascinated by that subject, and I’d love to hear from you! XOXO