Talent (Paranormal Romance)

dark-threatOpposites attract…

Calvin Davis is super-charged with electricity. A potential danger to everyone around him, he must release the energy building up inside, either by edgy electrical sex play or filling fuel cells for his power company. Cal lives his life under the radar and off the grid, finding new subs at the Lair and doing his dead-level best not to touch them, or anyone, with bare skin.

Geneticist Audrey Fallon lives in the shadow of her Talented brother, keenly feeling the lack of her own super power, until one night with Cal reveals her unique ability to withstand erotic electrical torment. Although she doesn’t see herself as kinky, she’s willing to experiment if it means learning more about her new-found abilities and the tightly controlled Dom.

Cal can’t believe the only woman he can touch is vanilla, and he’s determined to prove she enjoys kink. Audrey is equally determined to turn the tables and prove he doesn’t always have to be in control. But when Audrey’s genetic research reveals dangerous clues to the origin of their powers, losing control takes on new meaning as Cal must push every limit, especially his own, to save her.

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Dark Awakening

When you bury a seed, it starts to grow…

He had no choice but to erase her memory…

A decade ago, Jake Fallon’s desire for Zoe Draden caused him to lose control of his superhuman abilities, putting the rest of the Talents in danger. Tasked with the protection of the group, making Zoe forget their encounter was the only way he could guarantee her safety—and his control of himself.

His mind swipe left Zoe aware of only a small portion of her powers, which she now uses to grow vegetables for her busy café. But when her brother is kidnapped, she must ask Jake for help—even though being near him triggers panic attacks she doesn’t understand.

A BDSM club is the perfect place for Jake to engage his endless need for dominance and manage the underground world the Talents inhabit. When Zoe needs him, Jake must lead the charge and take on the only power greater than themselves—a superhuman army modeled after the Talents—and the one woman who can threaten his entire world.

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dark-adaptationThere are no lost causes…

If you can’t beat them, join them. Or so I thought when Jake Fallon ticked me off enough to make me decide that the only way I could learn about my ever-growing Talent was to go straight to its source: Genecorp, the enemy that created us.

My plan would have worked, too. But the hidden lab is deserted except for a dozen mostly-dead Talents, and I somehow get my butt kicked in a firefight I didn’t see coming.

The last thing I want is Jake swooping in to rescue me, but I’m woman enough to admit I can’t do this alone. If saving the Talents means working with Jake—a control freak who needs me to bring balance to his immense power but refuses to allow me to touch him—I’ll do it.

Because I am the key to saving our world, and if we don’t find the lock, everyone I love will die—including Jake.

Pre-Order Status Update: Hi! Last winter I got fired up. Yes, the winter of 2020, believe it or not. Well, I guess it’s more accurate to say there wasn’t much to do, so I started going to bed earlier and getting up earlier…and I wrote a book. (But not this one.) Then I sold it plus two others to Entangled Publishing. Then I left my bakery job to be a copywriter for a marketing agency. So the good news is I survived all that change, but the bad news is I can’t write this book until I complete the last book on my contract. Or my head will explode. And the book will suffer.

I apologize if you pre-ordered it and were looking forward to it. I plan to write it this summer and make it a super-fun read! I’m sorry and thank you! XO -Amanda

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