Dark Threat

Dark Threat

A prequel to Dark Awakening

Opposites attract…

Calvin Davis is super-charged with electricity. A potential danger to everyone around him, he must release the energy building up inside, either by edgy electrical sex play or filling fuel cells for his power company. Cal lives his life under the radar and off the grid, finding new subs at the Lair and doing his dead-level best not to touch them, or anyone, with bare skin.

Geneticist Audrey Fallon lives in the shadow of her Talented brother, keenly feeling the lack of her own super power, until one night with Cal reveals her unique ability to withstand erotic electrical torment. Although she doesn’t see herself as kinky, she’s willing to experiment if it means learning more about her new-found abilities and the tightly controlled Dom.

Cal can’t believe the only woman he can touch is vanilla, and he’s determined to prove she enjoys kink. Audrey is equally determined to turn the tables and prove he doesn’t always have to be in control. But when Audrey’s genetic research reveals dangerous clues to the origin of their powers, losing control takes on new meaning as Cal must push every limit, especially his own, to save her.

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