One Night Stand With Benefits is LIVE!

I wrote One Night Stand With Benefits during what Brené Brown would call a “spiritual awakening.” The more popular term is “breakdown.” To be specific, a post-pandemic, job change, hormonal unraveling that took place slowly and surely over the course of more than a year.

Two separate editors asked me to make the book more light hearted. Another asked me to add emotion and deepen the point of view. These were big asks since my heart was heavy, and I didn’t want to get anywhere near my own emotions. Channeling two people falling in love? HAHAHAHAHA.

Fortunately, every time a pass of edits arrived, I was in a good place and crushed it.

So many things in this book changed from first draft to final file that I doubt my beta readers would recognize it! Thank goodness. (Especially for the 12 pages of proofreading changes. Best proofreader ever!)

I knit the book back together as I put myself back together, and I’m FREAKING THRILLED to report we’re both in great shape now. Xavier and Brittany always had plenty of steam, but now they have heart, too.

Pick up your copy of One Night Stand With Benefits and buckle up for a bump-y ride!

Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple Books, and Google.


Whether it’s the boardroom or the bedroom, hotelier Xavier Rodriguez knows what he wants. When he has a chance to work with an incredible nonprofit—and they throw his personal life into the spotlight—he’s tasked to clean up his reputation. Which is exactly when delicious temptation steps into his path…

Between her burlesque troupe, launching her own business, and planning her bestie’s wedding—not to mention her hard-to-please, extra-privileged family—Brittany Adair has exactly zero interest in anything more than a bit of fun tonight. And with Xavier, it’s a lot of fun.

One incredible night, no strings. That’s all it was ever supposed to be. But soon, what started as a hot little hook-up results in them sharing a tiny little secret that’s due to arrive in about nine months…and what happens next is anyone’s guess—especially when emotions get involved.  

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