Dark Awakening is Coming Soon!


I’m so excited about this book! The series was inspired by POWER TRIP, a novella I wrote as Miranda Baker. Jake, the sexy jerk, has been simmering on my back burner for years. I wanted to forget him. Instead, I’m writing him an (eventual) happy ending. DARK AWAKENING will be released October 15th, 2019, but newsletter subscribers can get a sneak preview, so SIGN UP NOW. You don’t want to miss the fun!

He had no choice but to erase her memory…

A decade ago, Jake Fallon’s desire for Zoe Draden caused him to lose control of his superhuman abilities, putting the rest of the Talents in danger. Tasked with the protection of the group, making Zoe forget their encounter was the only way he could guarantee her safety—and his control of himself.

His mind swipe left Zoe aware of only a small portion of her powers, which she now uses to grow vegetables for her busy café. But when her brother is kidnapped and the existence of the Talents revealed, she must ask Jake for help—even though being near him triggers panic attacks she doesn’t understand.

A BDSM club is the perfect place for Jake to engage his endless need for dominance and manage the underground world the Talents inhabit. When Zoe needs him, Jake must lead the charge and take on the only power greater than themselves—a superhuman army modeled after the Talents—and the one woman who can threaten his entire world.

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Food and Love

No matter what I’m writing, food makes its way into my books. My Sexy Chefs battle it out in the kitchen. My Hot Nights heroes and heroines simmer and sizzle their way toward love. My paranormal heroine uses her Talent to grow vegetables for her vegetarian café. Even my kinksters take a break for tiramisu and chocolate cheesecake. There’s no getting away from it. Food is the world I know and love. So grab a seat at my table and dig in to some hot romance!

Readers describe my books as: romantic, foodie, engaging, sensual, spicy, addicting, playful, clever, edgy, erotic, fun, sexy, smart, fresh, empowering, intimate, and saucy!


Happy Belated…

Happy belated what? Passover? Easter? Mother’s Day? YES. All those. My bakery life is measured in holidays. Not too much to be done for Passover except tell my bosses that the only people buying challah that week will be Christians and try to get out of work on time for our Seder dinner. Easter is …