Impulse Control



Book One of the Men Of The Zodiac Series (Aries)

Contemporary Category Romance

Publisher: Entangled Indulgence, January 2015

ISBN: 9781633751859

E-book available  from AMAZONBARNES & NOBLEKOBO, GOOGLEiBOOKS, and more.

Survivalist Russ Donovan is the toughest man in America, with a reality TV show to prove it. Now he’s been strong-armed into filming a new show with dainty lifestyle expert Susannah Stone. But while “At Home in the Wild” could mean millions for his family’s charity, Russ plans to put Little Susie Homemaker to the test—in the Adirondack Mountains in the dead of winter. And there’s no way she’ll be able to hack it…

Susannah is tougher than she looks. She’s had to fight her way through life, and there’s no way she’ll let a bossy mountain man show her up. When she gets him on her turf, he’s in serious trouble. But now she’s run into a bit of problem. Because no one—least of all Russ and Susannah—expects sparks to fly both on camera and off. And now everyone will see their risqué rivalry break all of the rules…


His finger traced the top edge of her panties through her thermal underwear, and liquid heat pooled between her thighs.

She opened her eyes.

His smile was wicked. “Just a peek? My imagination was killing me all day yesterday.”

She blinked rapidly, trying to clear the haze from her mind. His hands felt like they belonged on her body. Had he somehow hypnotized her with his touch? There was no way she was taking off her clothes. The unfamiliar pulse of arousal through her body couldn’t make her completely forget reality. “Imagination is a beautiful thing.”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

A painful laugh shook her. “If tiger-striped fleece is your kink, buy some for one of your supermodel girlfriends, and have a good time. My body has a fourteen-month-old baby belly and a whopping big cesarean scar.” He didn’t look nearly as deterred as she had expected, so she added, “And stretch marks. Let’s not forget about them. Stick to your imagination. It’s way better.”

“I don’t believe you.” Laughter crinkled the corners of his eyes. “Prove it.”

She snorted. “I’m not falling for that one.”

“How about you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine? Scars, that is. If you’re worried about physical flaws, I’ve got you beat. I’m a mess—I’ve got scars all over. Show me your worst, and I’ll top it.” His eyes dared her, and the smug grin on his face said he thought she wasn’t brave enough to do it. Either that, or he thought she was playing coy and a little more encouragement on his part would turn her into a wild and willing stripper.

She arched one brow. “Did I mention I cook for a living, and I hate going to the gym? This body is soft in ways I doubt you’ve ever seen.”

His intent gaze sent a shimmer of heat through her belly. “I’ve got hard covered, sweetheart. I like soft.” His hand curled around her hip. “Show me.”




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