Seducing The Playboy


E-book available at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, GOOGLE, iBOOKS, and more.

Contemporary Category Romance

Publisher: Entangled Brazen, February 2014

ISBN: 978-1-62266-326-2

The best desserts are worth the wait…

Pastry chef Jenna Cooper crushed hard on playboy chef Roman Gallagher when her older brother brought him home to share their family Christmas six years ago. Now she’s old enough to do something about it, and she won’t take no for an answer—for anything.

Out of the frying pan into the fire…

Roman has one hard and fast rule—don’t sleep where you eat. But he can’t say no to Jenna’s plea for him to help her save her family business. Soon she’s working for him, and their scorching chemistry melts Roman’s resistance.

If you can’t stand the heat…

Jenna knows Roman has reservations about enjoying the heat between them, but she’s got a plan. She’s going to keep this sexy man so satisfied in—and out—of the kitchen, he won’t regret a thing. But Roman has his own ideas. He wants more than a few hot nights, and he’s going to teach Jenna a lesson about playing with fire.


She made it sound so simple. It would be easy to give her what she wanted, especially since he wanted it, too. He’d never felt anything as strong as the crushing need hammering at his balls right now. He wanted to believe her more than he wanted to breathe, to eat, or even to take over Gallagher Holdings. But this is Jenna. Despite her bold words and actions, he just couldn’t think of her in terms of no-strings sex. Hadn’t she just admitted to having a crush on him? Crushes weren’t made of quick and dirty; they were made of romance and fantasies. What would she do if he called her bluff?

He knew what she would do if he kept saying no—she’d never quit. She was too used to getting her own way, and there was no doubt in his mind they’d find themselves in this exact situation as soon as she regrouped. How long would he be able to resist? Whether he liked it or not, things had changed between them. But as much as his body was screaming for relief, jumping straight into bed with her felt wrong. Jenna wasn’t a random hookup.

Her lips brushed his ear and coasted over his cheek. By the time she reached his mouth, he had an idea. She wanted to play games? Fine, but they were going to play by his rules. Maybe he couldn’t ignore the chemistry between them, but he could damn well take charge of it. Until he was certain she wanted more than a few kisses to satisfy her teenage fantasies, he wasn’t going to do anything except give her a good long time to think about her choices.

Playing games was his forte. He’d hold her hand and kiss her senseless, but that was it. He wasn’t going to jeopardize his relationship with her or her family because she’d gotten it into her head she wanted to sleep with him. After they spent some time together, she’d come to her senses and realize he was nothing like the fantasy guy she’d built him up to be.

He lifted her out of his lap and stood, pressing her against the door. With one hand, he caught her hair and tugged, pulling her head back. When her astonished gaze snapped to his, he bent to capture her lips, and her mouth opened in surprise. He plunged inside, taking possession of her in the way he had been dying to, honestly, no-holds-barred, proving he wanted her as much as she wanted him. It was ridiculous to pretend otherwise when he was hard as a rock.

He raised his head. “Let me get this straight. You want to have sex with me to get me out of your system? So you can go off and marry some guy to be your househusband without regrets, right?”

Her head fell back. “Stop torturing me, Roman.”

“I accept.” He stepped back, grinning. “But I have one condition.”



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