Release Day! One Night Stand After Another is LIVE!

ONE NIGHT STAND AFTER ANOTHER is here at last! I’m thrilled to introduce readers to Clara and Zane and their cross-country road trip filled with hot nights, incredible food, and outrageous yarn destinations. Yep-you read that right. YARN. Clara is a crocheting fiend who finds endless creative inspiration in Zane’s mad skills in bed.

Are you looking for a fun, sexy escape from reality? ONE NIGHT STAND AFTER ANOTHER is exactly what you need.

A fun, sexy, sweet romance read that went by too quick. I loved it and didn’t want it to end.” -Leah Hines 

This book has all the feels. Intelligent leads, strong unbreakable characters, suspense, and of course love!” -Di Budo

“I thought this book was so much fun to read, and it was the perfect amount of romance, humor and smut (honestly a golden trio if I do say so myself).” -Unhinged Bibliophile 

“This is a funny, cute and spicy story, it made me laugh so much, Clara and Zane are so perfect together, their sizzling chemistry is off the charts, and the banter is epic, I couldn’t get enough of them together.” -When Vane Reads 

What’s the book REALLY about? Here’s the blurb:

Clara Duke lives to crochet wearable art. But right this second, she’s looking at the one guy who has the uncanny ability to unravel her in every possible way. Zane Brampton. He broke her heart in high school and now wants to make it up to her—in a single night. Just being in the same room as him feels dangerously volatile. A whole night with this delectable, gorgeous man would be nothing less than a total sexpocalypse. But oh, what a way to go.

The sight of Clara and her mouthwatering curves might actually kill restaurateur Zane. Ten years ago, their volcanic chemistry exploded… taking their social circle along with it. But Zane hasn’t forgotten the heat—and this feels almost like fate. He’ll be damned if he’ll let her run from their connection again. And he might just have found his chance to prove he deserves more than just one night…

Now Zane is driving Clara to California to meet her professional dreams. But between the road, the chocolate, and the ridiculously hot sex, Clara risks getting tangled up with her not-so-one-night-stand. And worse, Zane might just be the thread that snaps all of her perfectly crocheted plans.

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Hurray! Happy birthday to ONE NIGHT STAND AFTER ANOTHER! Thanks for celebrating with me!



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