Girl Trouble

GIRL TROUBLE by Amanda Usen

Come Again Book Four

Publication date: 11/29/2016

Publisher: Balancing Act Press

E-book available from Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books.

There are no safe words for love.

Bonita Pritchard has tried everything to get over the one woman she can’t have, movie star and secret lover Kat St. James. Yoga, tantra, psychotherapy, even BDSM. Nothing helps for long, so Bonita heads for Hollywood to get her Kat fix, fully intending to return straight home to her sex-toy boutique, Come Again.

But Kat has other plans for her.

Playing the talented bad girl kick-started Kat’s career twelve years ago. Now she’s famous, filthy rich…and totally miserable. Leaving Bonita in Norton was a mistake, and she’s planning one last attempt to fix it—by transforming her king-sized closet into a dungeon. And using her training as a Domme to satisfy her lover’s latest kink.

Although Bonita strives to protect Kat’s heterosexual image, Kat has no intention of keeping their love a secret, even if it means risking it all…


“Come on.” Kat dragged her down the hall into an enormous bedroom. She ignored the giant four-poster bed in the middle of the small room and pulled Bonita over to the closet.

Kat unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Get in.”

“Is this a lesbian joke?” Bonita asked.

“Not even close, sweetie. I did warn you. Three years is a long time to make a girl wait.”

“Kat, I’m not going to let you lock me in a closet to get revenge for unreturned phone calls.”

“It isn’t a closet. Get in.” Kat hit the light switch on the wall.

Intrigued, Bonita walked forward. Beyond the double-hung rack of designer clothes, Bonita could see space and a dim light. “What have you got back here? Narnia?” She pushed the clothes aside. Kat crowded in behind her and pulled the door shut, urging Bonita through the tiers of clothes.

“Keep going,” Kat said.

The softly lit room behind the closet was approximately fifteen-by-twenty feet, modest dimensions for the walk-in closet of a clothes-hound movie star. However, it was far from a traditional closet. A wall-mounted rack held a variety of feathers, paddles and crops, and next to it, a wooden coat tree was strung with a rainbow of lingerie.

A flat-screen TV took up most of another wall, and the room was furnished with bondage equipment. A free-standing sex swing dominated one corner. In the opposite corner a huge vinyl cushion roughly the size of a twin mattress called to Bonita like the surface of a shiny black lake. It was one of the most expensive, and most popular, items sold at Come Again. Just seeing it made her want to lie down on its double-curved surface, spread her legs, and fit her wrists and ankles into the cuffs, but the thing that really held her attention was the padded black leather table in the center of the room.

“You have a dungeon in your closet.”


Bonita bit her lower lip, crossed her arms, and pressed her legs together to staunch the rising flood between her thighs. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You can save the good-girl act, Beauty. A couple months ago, I got to thinking…when was the last time we saw each other? After Dr. Freud—not—put his hand on your thigh, right? The year before that you called me after that fake Tantra guru made a move on you, too, right? And what kick were you on before Tantric sex?”


“Right, yoga. I learned a lot when I was home at the beginning of the summer. I was planning to force you to see me, but I guess you knew that since you left town. It seemed a little strange that after nine years of pretty regular hook-ups, you’d refuse to see me three years in a row. Luckily, I found your haunting ground…with a little help from your friends. If you think it’s fun to play at Johnny’s club, just wait until you see what I have in store for you. I’ve done a ton of research. I can give you what you want, darling.” Kat moved toward her, forcing her into the dimly lit space.

It was ironic that Kat had latched on to kink as a way to entice her when Bonita had been using BDSM to stifle her craving for Kat. It had almost worked, too. Of all the demanding practices she had adopted after Kat had started getting really famous, submission had kept her satisfied the longest. With an experienced Domme, Bonita could feel a shadow of what she felt with Kat.

“Beauty? Are you game or not?” Kat asked.

Kat stood in front of her, a breath away, black eyes snapping, warm flesh beckoning, secret heart begging for her answer. So easy to give.

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