Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus marg

(Makes 2 Quarts without alcohol)

At some point in all my books, my characters are in serious want of an alcoholic beverage. Or maybe that’s just me when I’m writing the book, LOL! SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY features a Hibiscus Margarita, a drink that popped into my head because I had a lot of hibiscus tea left over from one of my kid’s school projects. Hibiscus tea is tart, fruity, a gorgeous red color, and purported to cool down the body in hot weather. I figured that cooling property would also be useful in the presence of a hot guy like Roman Gallagher, playboy of the West Coast and the hero of SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY. So how do you make a Hibiscus Margarita?

The short answer: You make super strong hibiscus tea and cool it down with a can of limeade and ice. Then you add tequila and more lime juice if you like it tart. (I’m itching to try this with vodka or gin, too. However…it’s even good with no booze at all! *gasp*)

StP_300The long answer:
Bring 6 cups of water to a boil. Add 10 hibiscus tea bags. Steep 7 minutes.
Remove tea bags.
Put frozen limeade into a 2 quart container. Add tea. Add ice cubes to equal two quarts.
Add tequila to taste or tolerance, and serve ice cold with lime wedges.


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