Men of the Zodiac Easter Egg Hunt!

Click for all buy links!
Click for all buy links!

AriesThe Men of the Zodiac authors are having a little Easter fun with the release of the Zodiac boxed set. We’re having an Easter Egg Hunt! Please join us for the chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Gather all twelve different colored eggs on participating authors’ sites and enter them in the Rafflecopter. Winner will be announced at the Men of the Zodiac Author Chat on Facebook, Easter Monday, March 28th, 8-10 pm EST. Stop by the party to see if you won, chat with the authors, AND for the chance to win great books and prizes!

TaurusAries (my hero!) and Taurus are right here on my site, ready and willing to jump in your Easter basket! Sonya Weiss is keeping an eye on the Gemini and Cancer heroes…Robin Covington is hiding Libra and Scorpio…Sarah Ballance is keeping Sagittarius and Capricorn out of trouble…Theresa Meyers is in the pool with Aquarius and Pisces…and Leo and Virgo are Entangled in Romance at the moment…but they are all waiting for you! 12 months…12 men…12 fantasies come true…12 eggs for you to put in your basket for the chance to win!

Here’s the Rafflecopter Basket… Click to start gathering eggs!

We hope to see you at the Easter after-party, aka the Men of the Zodiac Author Chat, on Monday when we announce the winner.

Happy Hunting and Happy Easter! 🙂



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