Other Favorites

These are my keepers. My standbys. The recipes I keep in the kitchen or have memorized, so I can enjoy them again and again.

2 Replies to “Other Favorites”

  1. What I would like to know is if you have a recipe for cannollis. Also what you recommend for making the shells as well as a recipe for that too. Sorry, I live in a place that doesn’t know what a cannolli is & I’m having crazy cravings for them. Thank you and I have become one of your newest fans!!

    1. Thank you, Vivian! It’s so nice to hear from you! Sadly, I am not a cannoli fan. However, I’ll ask around and see if I can come up with a shell recipe. You have to fry them, wrapped around a cannoli tube, and that always seemed like so much trouble! To make the filling, I usually just get some good ricotta cheese, the smooth, thick stuff, not the watery curdy stuff, and mix it with powdered sugar, vanilla, almond extract, chocolate chips or shavings, and maybe some chopped, candied cherries. If it’s too paste-y, I’ll fold in some whipped heavy cream. I know I’ve got it right when I taste it and can’t stop. My father-in-law loves canolli, and his birthday is coming up. Extra incentive for me to find a recipe! 🙂

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