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Whew! I made it through another five weeks of teaching four nights a week while working weekends and sometimes during the week day at Wegmans. I had many moments of “I’m too old for this.” However, on the whole, I got enough sleep, I remembered to pack meals, I stayed hydrated, and I even managed to make significant progress figuring out how to finish the book. (Sometimes it’s complicated to be a person who writes by the seat of her yoga pants. It got MORE complicated when I decided I wanted this book to follow a hero’s journey and that I wanted to outline the second half BEFORE I wrote it.)

ONWARD! The next big thing on my list is attending Wild Wicked Weekend in San Antonio with my friend Jennifer Kacey and her mom. I usually attend craft-based conferences because I’m a craft junkie, and there are few things I love more than listening to a writer talk about process. However, this is a just-for-fun con. I’m not signing or presenting a workshop, I’m just going to talk about sexy books with like-minded readers and writers, drink margaritas, respectfully admire the physiques of the cover models who help sponsor the weekend and…perhaps visit a dungeon. 🙂

Basically, I’m going to go play with my kinky friends!

fullsizerender-3Of course, in order to justify spending the money (and writing it off on my taxes), I had to have SOME sort of presence. So I made swag. I sent bowl scrapers for the swag bags that will be given to all attendees, and I made postcards for the paper-swag table. But that’s not all… I worked some indie magic and made BOTTOMS UP free! You can download it from iBooks, Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble. So if you’ve been wondering what a series centered around a sex toy boutique called Come Again might be like, please consider this my personal invitation to visit. I hope you’ll want to stay and explore the other books in the series!

I’ll see you guys on the other side of my Wild Wicked Weekend! I plan to “kiss” and tell y’all everything, especially if I have to change the names to protect the not-so-innocent! 🙂

Release Day for the Come Again Series! Plus a Sexy Giveaway…


Why do YOU love sexy books?

The first romance I ever read was a reasonably chaste Harlequin Presents I found lying around while we were on vacation at Chatauqua Lake. The copyright date in the book is 1981, which means I was at LEAST nine when I read it. (OMG. My son is ten, and the idea of him reading anything like that makes me squirm! I hope that book was a few years old when I found it, even though that makes me feel like a hypocrite…)

I was soooo hooked. After that I stuck to romances or books with strong romantic elements. I tore through The Thorn Birds, the Clan of the Cave Bear books, the Outlander series, contemporaries, categories, historicals, and sci-fi. (Heinlein had some hot spots, people.) When urban fantasy became a thing, I was all over it. To this day, I will stay up waaaay too late, even though I NEED my sleep, turning pages until they do “it”.

I’ve loved romance for so long its difficult for me to put into words exactly WHY I do. I think the preference was formed before I really understood the concept. Actually, I KNOW that is true because I read a book called UP IN SETH’S ROOM by Norma Fox Mazer when I was a kid, and Seth told Finn he was “coming” and I was all, “What? Where is he going?” Bwahaha! It was years before I got it.

But…I’m going to have to say I love reading romance primarily because of the sex. So EXCITING! Life changing. Literally, sometimes, since sex can get you pregnant. It happened to me three times. And then, irony of ironies, I started hating sex because I was breastfeeding. My body was SO DRY. I’m surprised my husband survived the sex we had while I was breastfeeding our three kids for a year each. Intercourse was so painful, I wanted to go all Sharon Stone/Basic Instinct on him.

Which is part of why I found myself eavesdropping on a conversation about lubricant in a sex shop. I discovered silicone lubricant that day, and the shopgirl was so frank and fascinating, she inspired the COME AGAIN series. The books are based on the smart, sexy, strong women who work in a sex toy boutique called Come Again and their customers. They are kinky, explicit, edgy, romantic, funny, and honest.

I wrote these stories when I was desperate to get my sexual mojo back, and I left no position unexplored, shall we say. It was very good for my sex life. I did, indeed, get my mojo back, in no small part due to the research I did for the books. SoloPlay, especially! Researching sex toys for hours on end to give yourself the inspiration to dream up new ones is very stimulating. And the hijinks that go on in Chapter 10 required a dry run. As in, I called my husband up to the bedroom to see if it was physically possible. Then I sent him back downstairs to watch the kids. HA! Writers can be heartless, especially when on deadline.

I’m delighted to release these wild books, and I hope readers have fun with them! When they were originally published by Samhain Publishing, they each came with a warning, so I think it’s only fitting to include one now: Reading the COME AGAIN series might require batteries. 😉

In celebration of the release of the Come Again series and the upcoming First Day of Winter, I’m offering a giveaway! Your choice of EITHER a $15 gift card to the coolest romance bookstore in the USA, The Ripped Bodice, OR my favorite sex toy. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I think I’ve outlasted at least four of them over the past ten years or so. Can’t live without it! It’s my secret good-sex weapon. To enter, leave a comment here on the blog, or comment on one of my posts on FB that are hashtagged #ComeAgainSeries, or @ me on Twitter and hashtag #ComeAgainSeries. Or post a pic of the book on your e-reading device on Instagram and hashtag #ComeAgainSeries. I’ll announce a winner on December 25th!

It’s difficult to get the word out about books these days, so if you want to share my news on social media, I’d be very grateful. Here’s a link to a Rafflecopter that will make it very easy for you to help me shout the news. And feel free to “save as” my nifty graphic and post it anywhere you like. 🙂 I’ll do a separate giveaway for those entries, so that means two chances to win! Click here to enter the RAFFLECOPTER

So…why do YOU read sexy books?