My first single-title contemporary romance Scrumptious will be published by Sourcebooks in January 2012. (Did you hear that? Angels singing? Me too! Me too!)

Angels bearing champagne? Even better!


Angels with cake? God bless every one!


I’ve been craving chocolate cake. Since I’m up to my elbows in edits, this is as close as I’m going to get this week. Next week, however, I’m going to make the Mocha Rum Cheesecake that shows up in Chapter Two of Love a La Carte. It packs a double wallop of caffeine and booze, and is as close to a perfect dessert experience as I’ve every known. Just a little something to look forward to…

And – done!

I promised you cheesecake.


To get the full picture, I’d have to throw Mother in there too, but you get the idea. Bear with me as I feel my way through this minimal theme. It’s a little brainier than I thought I wanted but I like it.