New Book Coming in July!

Would you say no to a cross-country yarn, food, and sex spree with a guy hell bent on making every day–and night–better than the last?

Sooo it’s been a while! A year, in fact, since I published my last blog post. So what happened to derail my good intentions to stay focused on all things romance and writing?


I may have mentioned on the blog, although who knows because it was A YEAR AGO, that I was leaving my job in the bakery to do a triple career switch. Yep, at the end of July last year, I wadded up my apron and dropped it in the bin for the last time. Then I started my new job as a copywriter for a company that does marketing for the staffing industry.

The learning curve for this position has given new meaning to the word “steep.” I’m STILL climbing. Fortunately, my employers and colleagues believe in me and have given me time, resources, and more time to inch up the copywriting/marketing/staffing knowledge mountain.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all year. Well, that plus negotiating with terrorists. I turned 50, and my hormones have taken me hostage. So that’s been fun…

But I’m back with new ideas on how to make this blog a fun place. Pre-order links for my upcoming release ONE NIGHT STAND AFTER ANOTHER are coming soon! (Can you tell I was going a little stir crazy during the pandemic? This book is a steamy, romantic, food coma/sex fest that spans the country LOL.)

Meanwhile, if you’re taking your own road trip (and YAY if you are!), INTO THE FIRE is now available in audiobook. No better way to stay awake on the road! Or while cleaning, walking, exercising, resting your eyes…

Now in audiobook format!

I hope your summer has gotten off to a great start! XO, Amanda

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