Happy Belated…

Happy belated what? Passover? Easter? Mother’s Day? YES. All those. My bakery life is measured in holidays. Not too much to be done for Passover except tell my bosses that the only people buying challah that week will be Christians and try to get out of work on time for our Seder dinner. Easter is huge but has now paled next to the ass kicking that was Mother’s Day. I worked 72 hours in six days. UGH. We were 100 hours underscheduled and management and full-timers (5 of us) pretty much made up those hours by ourselves.

I told my kids the only thing I wanted for Mother’s Day was for them to come to work and give me a group hug, which they did. It was lovely to be surrounded by my people! I sent MY mom a card and a present, and I texted with her a few times during the chaos.

Something has to change in my work life because I don’t have time for anything in my real life. But the thing that has to change is ME. Setting boundaries, leaving when some of the work isn’t done. The work is never done in a bakery. I may have reached my breaking point. However, one of the reasons I had to work so much was because my team leader was on her honeymoon. I tell myself it will be different next holiday, when she’s here. But it won’t. Because I’ve told myself it will be different when X happens so many times. Then Y happens, and it’s always the same. Or worse. One of my full-timers is leaving the bakery, and who knows who (or when) we will get someone to replace her…and here comes graduation weekend…

Yep, it’s gotta be me, which is what my husband has been telling me for at least a year. That and that no one will die if they can’t have cake, which is nearly impossible for me to believe. However, I’m super motivated, and maybe, just maybe, THIS TIME I will do it.


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