My Weird Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, I woke up to a lovely gift from my husband, who had already left for work. I gave the kids their Valentines and some super-cute cookies decorated by one of my co-workers. (Thanks, Kimmie!) Then I went to work, where these things happened at hyper-speed because we’d sold all of the ones we’d prepped earlier in the week.

When we finally called a halt to production, I still had to write a schedule, rearrange the freezer (because of a call-in) and write an order. I got home around 8 pm, and let me tell you, it didn’t feel like Thursday. It felt like Saturday and Sunday rolled into a big taco of tired! My husband and I had a drink at the kitchen table, after which I declared I needed him to brush my teeth for me and put my pajamas on me, but we settled on just the pajamas. Because that’s love.

I’m hoping with the Super Bowl over and Valentine’s Day done, it will be quiet for a few weeks. Maybe until Easter?

Meanwhile, happy day after Valentine’s Day! I hope yours was sweet, is sweet, and continues to be…SWEET! XOXO



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