I’m going to Miami!

IMG_4487South Beach, specifically. And staying at a newly renovated hotel with a rooftop pool with a bar! I’m going with my high school best friend who has know me since I was fifteen. That’s four decades and at LEAST four incarnations of myself. This morning, she just sent me an e-mail with a lovely menu from the cafe at a local Miami indie bookstore. Because she tries to support indie bookstores wherever she goes. Food and book love. She is my people!

She also lives on the other side of the country. We see each other every few years, and “recently” we’ve developed a pattern of going fun places to catch up. First it was a weekend in Venice Beach to celebrate turning forty. Then we went to Palm Springs. (Oh, the hangover I had there. So memorable. But more memorable was the way my friend took it in stride. Note to self: don’t drink THAT much in Miami. You are not fifteen anymore. LOL.) If you’ve been with me here for a long time, you might remember our adventures, if not, I linked the posts above. (Food, booze, a visit to The Ripped Bodice, epic!)

It’s been an interesting year, and we have so much to discuss. I went back to work full-time a little over a year ago, and I’m feeling a little…haggard. I’ve lost 8 pounds from running around all day in the bakery. It’s been tough, and I’m ridiculously excited to have carved out a little safe space in the sun to breathe. I feel like the fact that there are no hurricanes heading for Miami, and Ben got his cast off a day early (and is so much happier and doing great!) is like the universe blessing this little vacation/celebration of friendship. I’m feeling really fortunate this morning, as I paint my toenails at six am before going to work. (I’ve got a lot of feelings going on in this paragraph. Usually, I’d look for synonyms and edit them out. This morning, I’m going to let myself have my feelings.) I get to see my friend!

This is my mug this morning. So full of gratitude for all my things. Friends. Family. Healthy kids. A job. A vacation. Every one of you reading this. Are you grateful for something today? What is it?




3 Replies to “I’m going to Miami!”

  1. Have a great time, Amanda! Usually I edit out exclamation points, but in this comment I use them freely. Recharge! Rejoice! and bring back all kinds of energy!

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