Something you might already know and some things you don’t!

Sometimes I find drawings on the kitchen table when I get home from work. In 2017, let's be as intrepid as this guy!
Sometimes I find drawings on the kitchen table when I get home from work. In 2017, let’s be as intrepid as this guy!

I love going to workshops and re-reading craft books that tell me things I’ve already learned about writing. No, not just writing. Life. Seriously. There are so many parallels between my approach to writing and my approach to life it’s crazy.

For example, yesterday afternoon, as I was walking across the length of the Wegmans parking lot to go to work, enjoying the piercing wind whistling through my unzipped jacket, frosting my ungloved fingers, and playing hell with my un-hatted hair, I was mentally flogging myself for not getting the ONE THING done on my to-do list that means everything to me: writing.

And just like that, I realized why I didn’t finish the scene I’ve already re-written twice. It kind of sucks. I keep going in there and trying to make my people do what needs to be done. In this case, I want the heroine and cohorts to follow the hero on the rescue-the-mother mission. I want the heroine to be afraid to use her power again which will cause something horrible to happen. I want them to get their asses kicked and for something horrible to happen, which will make the heroine following the hero necessary instead of foolhardy. But right now, it isn’t working. And that’s why I don’t want to do it! So, back to the beginning of the scene for me.

Which on some level I already knew but I needed to learn it again. Does that happen to you? Every so often, do you need to be reminded of basic things that keep your world spinning? (That’s the thing you might already know.)

And here are the things you didn’t know until I wrote this: the winners of the Come Again Release Day Celebration are Robyn D (Rafflecopter) and Anita H (blog/FB/Twitter/Instagram)! You two ladies can expect an e-mail from me very soon!

Happy New Year, everyone! Get in there like the heroes you are and keep your worlds spinning. XOXO


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