Jerkalicious Party Mix Recipe

In Chef on December 23, 2016 at 10:23 am

usen-party-mixHappy soon to be holidays, everyone! I work in a bakery, and it’s totally nuts. But I LOVE nuts! Especially in party mix, which I eat by the bowlful at this time of year. Is party mix/Chex Mix part of your holiday tradition? My mother always made it, and my father’s mother always made it (which is probably why my mom makes it, come to think of it!). This particular batch got decimated by my children before I could get a decent picture. I actually had to make a fresh batch the next morning, so that I could send a box to my mommy!

We all make it a little differently. I’m usually a traditionalist, but this year, my friend Chef Krista gave me a bottle of her Jerkalicious Hot Sauce. At first whiff, I knew it would be a great addition to party mix. usen-hot-sauceIt smells like Worcestershire Sauce having an affair with Caribbean food! You can get the recipe and a link to Chef Krista’s website, where you can buy the Jerkalicious Hot Sauce, on Entangled in Romance, along with some other great recipes from Entangled authors.

Do you have a favorite holiday food? One without which it doesn’t feel like Christmas (or Hanukkah or Solstice or whatever)? What is it? Leave a comment before midnight, and I’ll enter you in my Come Again Giveaway! (A $15 GC to The Ripper Bodice or a super-secret good sex toy. Yes, it sounds strange, but trust me.) 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m off to the bakery, where I will be making fruit tarts until my fingers fall off!



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