Where did Monday go?

The winner of the $15 gift card is bn100, so expect an e-mail from me! 🙂 Happy fall and thanks for reading!

img_1964Five weeks of class down, and five to go. So far, so good. Holding up just fine. My adventures in sourdough continue. I made a Rosemary Olive Oil loaf that was, hands down, the best bread I ever made in my life. I guess all I needed was twenty years of experience to make it all work. LOL. I’ve got a loaf of Country White Sourdough fermenting in the fridge right now. Not sure where or how I’m going to bake it, though. I go straight from the bakery kitchen to the school kitchen tomorrow. I wonder if they would be amused at Wegmans if I brought my loaf to work and baked it off?

This is a bowl scraper!

Another adventure: I used Fiverr to get a logo made for the swag I’m ordering for Wild Wicked Weekend in February. I’m going to put it on bowl scrapers, unless someone has a better idea. Readers, would you rather have a bowl scraper (it’s like a spatula without a handle, used for getting things like batter out of bowls), an actual silicone spatula, or a flexible cutting mat? Help a girl out, would you please?

I have some super fun news soon, but first I have to get through my students’ baking practicals and start the next class. And middle kid’s bat mitzvah planning. And finish this book, I suppose, but who am I kidding? It’s the book that never ends! It just goes on and on, my friends…

But I’m kind of loving it, so I guess we’ll keep each other company for a while longer. OH! (I should probably admit I talked my husband into meeting me for tacos after the first night of cooking practicals. And I drank a thing that I think was mostly tequila with a little elder flower thrown in. Last time I had elder flower was at a Sourcebooks party at an RWA conference, and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the party bus home. SQUIRREL! Are any of you looking for a Silver Fox romance?14479661_10208576601786370_9012974339823973637_n

There is sex after forty. We know that. My friend Natasha Moore (who helped me get my first book contract by giving me great writing advice) is writing some sexy, heartwarming, really wonderful romances featuring mature characters. The first one CHOOSE ME just came out. I’ve always loved her writing, and she really nails down the emotions. Check out the link to see if it might be up your book alley.

And…I love silver foxes. RAWR.

I hope y’all are having a great week. Happy hump day!






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