Bring It On, Fall!

Even bread is happy about school starting.

Happy last day of August! That means I’ll be doing my fall giveaway soon (gift card to Amazon, B&N or The Ripped Bodice). To enter, leave me a comment here or on one of my last  few blogs: The Sonic Egg that Saved My Sanity, Be The Happy Ruler of Your Pile of Scattered Poop, Oh, Darling, Worry About Your Heart. Not Your Butt.

Meanwhile I’m eating fruit salad with a skewer because my son made it. It’s shish kabob culinary performance art, apparently, and I want to encourage him in his culinary adventures. This is to make up for all the times when he was younger, and I threw him out of the kitchen when he wanted to “help.” We’re going to call it reverse psychology and say that it worked. He’s ten, and he just made fruit salad, scrambled eggs, and toast (for me, too) while I shopped the clearance sale online at JCP. Then he unloaded the dishwasher without being asked. I am pinching myself. Seriously.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and fist bump all you parents out there who are/have getting/gotten kids back to school this year. And for anyone for whom fall means starting new things. My pastry arts community college teaching semester started two nights ago, and it was a huge relief to begin! OMG. I spent a good bit of the summer creating comprehensive course guides for both of my classes so I won’t have to go in early every day to make copies for quizzes, lecture notes, recipes, etc. AND most of my kids’ school supplies have been purchased. AND the second child’s bat mitzvah planning is underway, and I have successfully surmounted a freaking TYPO on the return address envelopes. *face palm*

Breakfast of champions.
Breakfast of champions.

The first thing we baked in class was chocolate chip cookies, and they were largely successful. They were so good, in fact, that I was able to sell most of them in the cafe. I also brought some home. They got the thumbs up from the neighbors drinking beer in my driveway and my kids. My son said they were awesomely “crispy around the edges and soft in the middle.” It cracks me up that my kids can critique baked goods, but I guess it isn’t surprising. They are far from cobbler’s children when it comes to cookies!

The innocent victim.

While the beer drinking and cookie eating was going on, a visiting neighbor’s dog crapped on our lawn. Said neighbor loves his dog and posts many pictures of her on FB. Now…my husband is full of mischief. A few weeks ago, he captured a picture of the much-loved dog taking a poop on her own lawn and posted THAT on FB – and tagged our neighbor, of course. So when the visiting dog pooped on our lawn last night, it was absolute karmic hilarity!

Naturally, when the neighbors left, my husband went looking for a box. He wrapped up that pile of poop, waited until the neighbors went to bed, and put it on their lawn. That’s normal, right? Do other people do that sort of thing? Does this go on in your neighborhood?

Regardless of the payback that is undoubtedly coming our way, I’m excited about fall. And, seriously, does your spouse do that kind of shit? 🙂

Correction: When my husband came across the blog, he said he put the box on our neighbor's car.  Awesome.
Correction: When my husband came across the blog, he said he put the box on our neighbor’s car. Awesome.

8 Replies to “Bring It On, Fall!”

  1. Bittersweet, school starting that is, for me. I’ve had a fantastic summer with my three beautiful grandchildren ( lucky that they live with me) & their funny & polite & personable neighborhood pals. It’s simply the best to watch their friendships grow as they take new & somewhat independent steps right before my eyes. I must thank the parents who have also enriched their minds (you know who you are).

    Now, as far as the poo-poo wars go … me & my house & lawn sit center to these shenanigans. Please use the sidewalks – I couldn’t handle stepping in it!!

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