Hot Greek Sausage Right Here!

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Now back to the sausage.
EAT ME. Said every sausage ever.

Did you click because you have a dirty mind, and you saw the word sausage? You aren’t the only one! An e-mail from Wegmans appeared in my inbox with the subject heading, “4 ways to make your sausage sensational!” I couldn’t resist. I didn’t expect to see anything I hadn’t seen before *snerk*, but I was wrong. So wrong. Once I saw it, I had to have it. I did promise a forthcoming dinner party menu in my “Friends For Dinner” post…

I struggle with sausage. *giggle* What do you put on it? Onions and peppers? Okay, that’s good, but it needs some goo. Ketchup? Mustard? Both? Sriracha? I like spicy sausage. *that’s what s/he said* (I’m really sorry. I won’t be able to stop. You should know this now. But the recipe will be worth it.) Dijon? Also good, but it only works for me without the bun. The bun just gets in the way of the fatty sausage/astringent mustard battle for mouth domination. I also like sausage with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella, hoagy-style, but that isn’t exactly backyard barbecue, is it? Sausage is good plain, but I’ve always wanted an epic sausage condiment experience.

The first Wegmans sausage idea blew me away. Hot Italian sausage (actually theirs was chicken sausage with spinach and feta, but this is MY sausage fantasy) getting it on Greek-style with tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and red onion. The other three were variations on sausage with onions, but this one? PURE GENIUS.

Tzatziki on my sausage makes me haaaaapppy!

Coincidentally, we were having family over this weekend. My husband grilled sausage, hot dogs, and burgers and I put out tzatziki, chopped tomatoes with diced cucumber and feta, red onion, bacon, pickles, banana peppers, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard, crunchy fungus (something my husband picked up at the Asian store), basically, everything in the fridge that could go on a grilled food. Plus three bags of chips.

Absolute sausage satisfaction. I tore through that thing so fast I didn’t even take a picture. The sausage you see in front of you is the leftovers I’m having for lunch. I might have another one for dinner. Yes, you should have sausage envy…and go buy the stuff to make your own. (I like red onion near my food but not actually on it which is probably why I forgot to put it on for the picture.)

Click here for the tzatziki recipe. Or click any pic for the recipe. I linked them all!

Grilled Grapefruit Margarita heaven is within your grasp.
Grilled Grapefruit Margarita heaven is within your grasp.

During cocktail hour, we enjoyed a grilled grapefruit variation of my margaritas with some chips salsa and guacamole, and for dessert…

Red Velvet Oreo Brownies. OMG.

Head on over to Sally’s Baking Addiction for the recipe. I normally don’t go for red velvet. It just seems silly to add food coloring to something for no reason but to make it red. (Well, I guess that’s an excellent reason since the colors practically FORCED me to make the recipe. The visual impact cannot be denied.) I even made them again sans dye for a party because the combination of rich chocolate brownie, sweet creamy buttercream, and crunchy Oreo hit all my happy places.

Happy National Yoga Day everyone! And happy SUMMER! Do you have a favorite way to eat sausage? I’m all eyes and mouth…



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