Everyone Should Do This

Okay, so yesterday I was walking up Swan Street in Buffalo being glad that it’s not cold. The wind really whistles up Swan Street, and I’ll likely be freezing my ass off in a month. The sun was out. I didn’t even have my new coat zipped. It was pretty sweet! And all of the sudden three thought bubbles popped into my head.

  1. I’m writing a book.
  2. I’m writing it slowly.
  3. I’m happy.

Now, mind you, I was walking into a night teaching Introduction to Pastry Arts, and I was happy. That’s a victory in itself because I usually teach the slightly seasoned students, and we just aren’t there yet. But to be happy with maybe writing a few dozen words today? To have tinkered with a paragraph? And being cheerful? Unheard of in my previous incarnation. YAY! *ass shake* *confetti* PROGRESS!

Or my glee could have been residual delight leftover from lunch, I suppose. I made myself a pita pizza because I love cheese and carbs. Then I remembered I should really be eating salad because I tasted twenty-six pieces of pie last week in class. Really, it was a lot of pie. Apple and cream pies, G*d help me. So I took a pair of kitchen scissors and I chopped up my pita pizza and tossed it with romaine, balsamic vinaigrette, and feta cheese. OMG. It was like a pizza piadina but lazy. Or panzanella but warmer. Or fattoush but Italian! It was HEAVEN! Which is why everyone who grooves on carbs, cheese, and greens should make one. It was so good that I made another one the next day for my neighborhood BFF Melissa. I was all, “I’m sure people do this all the time, but I feel like a fucking genius! We have leftover pizza in the fridge all the time. It’s like croutons, but softer, and with CHEESE!” Melissa is very tapped in to the food blogs, and she hasn’t seen it so GUYS! MAKE THIS. And let’s call it… PIZZA-NELLA!

Lettuce, warm, chopped up pizza, salad dressing. FREAKING AWESOME.
Lettuce. Warm, chopped up pizza. Salad dressing. FREAKING AWESOME.

And…things didn’t go so well in the kitchen tonight. BLARG. “Mistakes are excellent teachers” is all well and good. TRULY. But now we won’t have time in the production schedule to make BAGELS. *sob*

*deep breath*

We will make bagels once we can make a simpler dough. *nods* The process is as important as the product. Right?

So what’s the next best recipe you plan to make? Has something tickled your pickle? HAVE YOU EVER CHOPPED UP PIZZA ON A SALAD? Tell me something good! I’m hungry. 🙂



One Reply to “Everyone Should Do This”

  1. This. Wonderful! Next time someone asks me why I write, I’m going to say I am in it for the *ass shake* *confetti*, because when it all comes down to it…that’s what matters. Celebrating one’s bad self! Thanks to My Tomato Pie restaurant, I have fallen in love with “salad pizza” – but I usually pile my salad on top of the slice. Your way sounds easier to eat!

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