Romantic Times in New Orleans

Photo used with the permission of George Long Photography. George is the best!

Fifteen years and one month ago, I got married in New Orleans. Ben and I were living down there, having some fun after culinary school, and we thought no one would come to the wedding. Everyone came! We planned a swamp tour and had a Mexican-themed rehearsal dinner on the veranda of a St. Charles Street restaurant, complete with a wedding cake-shaped pinata made by Martha Hall Foose. The French Quarter Festival was going on that weekend, so the Quarter was filled with music. Such happy memories!

Next week I’m attending the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans, and my husband is coming down for the weekend. We’re going to revisit all our old haunts – Bayona (Susan Spicer’s flagship restaurant where we both used to work), the Acme Oyster House (where Ben will eat enough oysters for the both of us), Drago’s (charbroiled oysters are more my thing), and Morning Call (because beignets). And I WILL wander through the French Quarter enjoying a mango daiquiri…

If you’re attending the RT Convention and would like to meet me, I would LOVE to meet you! Here’s where I’ll be when I’m not eating:

Club RT: Wednesday, May 14th, Noon

Entangled’s Candy & Spoons: Wednesday, May 14th, 2:30-4:45

Club RT: Friday, May 16th, 1o:30 am

I have tons of INTO THE FIRE excerpt booklets to give away, and a Hot Nights Necessities basket in the Club RT giveaway. Stop by and say hi! 🙂

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