Choosing Gratitude

hungryhearts banner(STATIC713x316)(1)I’m so thrilled to have Liz Everly and her new book CRAVINGS, releasing November 21st, on the blog today! She’s talking about one of my favorite subjects…gratitude! We hope you’ll tell us what you are grateful for when you enter our Hungry Hearts author swag pack giveaway at the end of the post. The Hungry Hearts are also giving away a gift basket chock full of chocolates, fruit, and cheese, so check out the Holiday Hop for delicious Thanksgiving recipes and the chance to win. Visit us on Facebook for more fun prizes! Now let’s hear from Liz…

I confess. Sometimes I’m a Grinch all the way from Thanksgiving through Christmas to New Year’s. It’s easy to become jaded by the commercialism and worn out from all the extra work and activities. But when I take some time to reflect and honor the meaning of the season, I see my blessings. So this year, I’m choosing gratitude. Here are the top five things I’m grateful for this year.

1. The season. The changing of the seasons, here in the state of Virginia, is an amazing thing to behold. The turning leaves across the mountains are spectacular—crimson, gold, yellow, fire-orange. It’s the season heralding us to prepare to hunker down a bit for the winter. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. *wink*

2. Food. Good food surrounds us during the holidays. Sometimes it feels like an embarrassment of wealth considering how many hungry people exist in this world—heck, in this country. We live in troubled times. Being grateful for food on our table is one thing we should all reflect about.

3. Friendship. The holiday seems to be the time we carve out our schedules to get together with our friends. I’m so grateful for my girlfriends. Where would I be without them? I shudder to think.

4. Family. I’m surrounded all year long by them—my two daughters and husband—and sometimes the others like my parents and nieces, my husband’s parents and sister—but during the holidays we spend so much more time together. Even if things don’t go smoothly—and let’s face, most of the time they don’t—it’s good to spend time with your people.

5. Readers. I sometimes wonder if readers know how much joy they bring to writer’s lives. The connection between reader and writer is magic. I am honored by every person who takes the time to read any of my books. That is the simple truth.

If I sat and thought more, I know my blessings would reach into the hundreds, but for now these five things are more than enough to keep my Grinchiness at bay. How about you?

Cravings (eBook) Liz EverlyLiz Everly’s newest book in her SAFFRON NIGHTS SERIES is CRAVINGS.

A change of scenery can unleash the wildest hunger. . .

Sanj has come to Ecuador ready to enjoy food and fun with his good friends Maeve and Jackson. Only his friends are nowhere to be found. Instead, he meets a stunningly beautiful woman who asks him for help. A man of discriminating tastes, Sanj can’t wait to enjoy her luscious lips, savor her sultry curves, and indulge in his desire for sexual ecstasy. . .

On the run from a troubled past, Sasha will do whatever is necessary to survive. That includes cozying up to the enigmatic Sanj, a darkly handsome man who seduces her like the richest chocolate. Hungry for more, she gives into the sweetest temptation, craving the feel of his hard body and longing for exquisite carnal pleasure. . .

Click HERE to read Chapter One of CRAVINGS. (Go ahead…we’ll wait!)

Now that you’ve had a taste, I bet you’ll want more! Pre-order CRAVINGS at AMAZON, BARNES & NOBLE, and more!

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5 Replies to “Choosing Gratitude”

  1. I am most grateful for family. Married 34 years with 3 wonderful grown children and grandchildren not to far down the road. I am thankful everyday for these blessings but this time of year we tend to stop and truly appreciate them.

  2. Totally thankful for my family. Also thankful for authors who share their talent with me and allow me to experience their brilliance:-)

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