Fangirl Friday – Molly O’Keefe

It’s crucial for me to stay in touch with my inner fangirl. I became a writer because I LOVE to read. When I was a kid, my mother could never get my nose out of a book (and I had selective hearing – still do). I had permanent dark circles under my eyes from staying up too late reading. I always had a book in my purse. If I wasn’t in the middle of a book, I felt off-kilter. Any of this sound familiar?

Well, now I’m all grown up. I have deadlines and my own books to write. Sometimes I’m afraid to read in my genre because I don’t want someone else’s book creeping into mine. I catch myself thinking I don’t have time to read.

Wrongwrongwrongwrongwrong. Because life sucks without good books. And if I had to choose between Reader and Writer…I’d pick Reader. I totally would. (Okay, maybe sucks is strong. I love my husband, kids, family, and friends, but…I’ve been in a relationship with books longer than I’ve known any of them 🙂 ) So I find time to read. I make time to read. You all know how I feel about BALANCE!

Can't Buy Me Love
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My latest fangirl moment is over Molly O’Keefe. She’s a relatively new author to me. I read CAN’T BUY ME LOVE, the first book in the Crooked Creek ranch series, on the plane to RWA 2012 in Anaheim last year. I sobbed at a sad part. On the plane. I gave myself a headache over the book, but it was totally worth it. Her writing is rich, the relationships are deep, and she is very good at taking her characters on a real journey through their flaws. Oh, and hot hockey player. Just sayin’.

Can't Hurry Love
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I haven’t read CAN’T HURRY LOVE, the second book in the series. More on that later.

Crazy Thing Called Love
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But we went to the beach on Tuesday, and I read the third book, CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE . Yes, the entire thing. Well, not at the beach. When we came home, and my husband and I started drinking wine, I crouched on the stairs while he made dinner, listening to him with half an ear and answering questions, trying not to get busted reading. Because I had to find out what happened! From page one, I knew I was in good hands. The characters came to life. The attraction was intense. They had serious history, but the backstory was woven in without making me feel like I was being “told” anything. And boy, do Madelyn and Billy have a journey to take before they can find happiness – together or apart. And hot hockey player…

Why didn’t I read the second book in the series? Because the book two heroine annoyed me in book one. I didn’t want to spend a whole book with her. But guess what? I do now. Because O’Keefe’s writing is intense and fun. She is damn good at redeeming her characters. I trust that she can write about tricky characters and make me love them. I think that’s the hallmark of a good writer: the ability to write good STORIES about ANYTHING. O’Keefe can do that. Oh…and there’s a hot cowboy in that one.

CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE (Book Three of the Crooked Creek ranch series)

Dallas TV morning show host Madelyn Cornish is poised, perfect, and unflappable, from her glossy smile to her sleek professionalism. No one knows that her iron will guards a shattered heart and memories of a man she’s determined to lock out. Until that man shows up at a morning meeting like a bad dream: Billy Wilkins, sexy hockey superstar in a tailspin—still skating, still fighting, and still her ex-husband.

Now the producers want this poster child for bad behavior to undergo an on-air makeover, and Billy, who has nothing to lose, agrees to the project. It’s his only chance to get near Maddy again, and to fight for the right things this time around. He believes in the fire in Maddy’s whiskey eyes and the passion that ignites the air between them. This bad-boy heartbreaker wants a last shot to be redeemed by the only thing that matters: Maddy’s love.

2 Replies to “Fangirl Friday – Molly O’Keefe”

  1. Love, love these books! I can so relate to your description of how you feel about books and reading. I usually have a book I’m reading (paperback or Kindle) and an audiobook to listen to in the car or while I am sewing. My daughters wonder how I can keep track of two different stories! I tell them that multitasking is good. I am so thankful for writers who are willing to share their stories with me! Thanks, Amanda:-) Your books rock!

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