Fangirl Friday: Jennifer Probst

Looks like fun, right?!

You know what I love more than almost anything else (as long as we exclude kids and the husband)?

A new book. A good book. An author who can deliver. My perfect day: a sure thing book and a delivery pizza…a chocolate cake, a massage, a nap, yoga, coffee, sex…but first there would be the book.

I am an unashamed squeeing fangirl and I wish more authors would hold still while I adore them. Jennifer Probst…hold still!!

I bought The Marriage Bargain because I heard it was making a bazillion dollars and Jennifer wrote a blog post about the experience on the Entangled blog. I thought Damn, good for her. Let’s see what she’s got. And then I spent an entire day while the kids were at school and I should have been working lolling on the giant beanbag with my Kindle. I should have ordered a pizza.

Click the pic to Pre-Order from Amazon! I’m sure B&N has it too, for all you Nook-ers!

I’m a sexual tension junkie and The Marriage Bargain delivers a marriage of convenience between two people whose fire for each other was started a long time ago. Hot. A great set-up. The banter is hilarious and the fights are super-sexy. The heroine has a great heart and the hero tries to break it, even though he’s got a great heart, too. It’s just buried under a shit-ton of childhood baggage.

Probst really gets into her character’s heads and emotions. As a writer, I admired her ability to have her hero and heroine misunderstand each others’ reactions and intentions in ways that ratchet up the tension and conflict for the reader. LOVE that, and it’s not easy to do. When I picked this book for my first Fangirl Friday post, I read it again – just to make sure it would hold up. It did! It totally did. And then I went to her website because she was clearly setting up a sequel and I discovered The Marriage Trap will be out on OCTOBER 4TH (or maybe the 2ND, according to Amazon). Yes! Score! This time I won’t forget the pizza.

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