Sizzling Summer Reads

A Luscious sight, indeed!

You may have heard…but Luscious is coming! In some stores, it’s already here! I went to a graduation party the other night, and my friend Molly had purchased a half-dozen copies of Luscious and was giving them to our friends. She had already packed her copy in her suitcase, so she wouldn’t be tempted to read it until she got to Aruba. I am touched on so many levels by her gesture. She not only believes the book would be good enough to give away, she is taking it on vacation. That means she thinks it’s going to be a fun book, the kind of book you read when you’re in a good mood and giving yourself a treat – the exact kind of book I try to write. Thank you, Molly!

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Summer is always so busy, and I’m going to be extra busy this month. July is packed with a Luscious release party at Arrowhead Spring Vineyards, a book signing at B&N, a blog tour all over the place and the RWA national conference in Anaheim. All good stuff! I’m also participating in The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Party – and you can too. TRR will be giving away hundreds of books in July, so sign up for a chance to win! I’m giving away a copy of Luscious at the party and for anyone who visits my site this month and signs up for my New Release Newsletter (click the paper airplane at the bottom of this page), I’ll enter your name in a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or B&N – winner’s choice! Signing up for my newsletter does not mean you will get tons of promo from me – just a short e-mail when a new book comes out. Giveaway runs from June 25th through July 31st. Winner will be announced in August. Have a Luscious July XOXO! 😀

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