SCRUMPTIOUS Is Available Now!

I was buying pajamas for my nieces when I received a text from a friend in Canada, saying that she was standing in Barnes and Noble looking at my book. Scrumptious had been delivered early and was on the new romance display in the excellent company of Allison Brennan! I begged for a photo. My friend’s cell phone camera was broken, so she asked a total stranger to snap this for me:

A dream come true. My book is on display with the romance writers who inspired me to write in the first place. So far the reviews of SCRUMPTIOUS have been fantastic, another dream come true…

“In the small but expanding niche of foodie romance, Usen’s debut rules the kitchen with lip-smacking prose and rowdy protagonists who put Iron Chef to shame…the pacing, emotion, and erotic exuberance all sparkle.”
Publishers Weekly

“In her superbly crafted debut, Usen blends together two realistically complicated protagonists, a well-realized culinary setting (complete with mouthwatering descriptions of food), and plenty of incendiary love scenes. The resulting literary dish is a smart, sexy, simply irresistible contemporary romance.”

“The title perfectly summarizes the feel of this book. Both the main characters and the culinary dishes are described in such a way that readers can practically taste, see and feel every word. Usen has a way with words and it translates to a solid storyline with great sex scenes.”
RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

There is some serious hootin’ and hollerin’ going on at the Usen house. I’m trying to simply enjoy the moment (without obsessing over non-glowing reviews, without watching the numbers go up and down) because to sell a book is a grand thing. And to see it on the shelf is astonishing! *Happy dance*

2 Replies to “SCRUMPTIOUS Is Available Now!”

  1. Amanda, Congrats on the new Book. It must be mind boggling to see your very own book on those shelves. 🙂 The reviews are awesome. You’re a new Author to me but not anymore. Wishing you many sales.
    Carol L

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